American Pride Medicine Cabinets - Reflection
Style  Reflection Series 9622WBO
Overall Size:  16-3/16 x 22-3/16
Mounting: Recessed( R ) or Surface Mounted(S)
Finishes:    Frameless Bevel with Oval
Weight: 14 lbs Plastic Cabinet
2 Adjustable Plastic Shelves with Piano Hinge
Model # 9622WBOR Recessed Spec Sheet
9622WBOS Surface Mount Spec Sheet
Weight: 14 lbs Steel Cabinet Plastic Shelves
Model # ST9622WBOR Recessed Spec Sheet
Weight: 18 lbs Steel Cabinet Glass Shelves
Model # G9622WBOR1 Recessed Spec Sheet
G9622WBOS1 Surface Mount
Weight: 20 lbs Steel Cabinet Glass Shelves
Model # SM9622WBOR Recessed Spec Sheet
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