American Pride Medicine Cabinets - Woodfield
Style    Series 9614  
Overall Size:  16-1/4" x 22-1/4"  CLASSIC  
Mounting:  Recessed or Surface Mounted    
Frame Material:  Oak    
  Classic Medium(CL)  
Weight:   12 lbs.    
Plastic Cabinets Piano Hinge, Adj. Shelves, Magnet  
Model #   96141AR1CL     
Plastic Cabinets Butt Hinges, Adj. Shelves, Magnet  
Model #   96141BR1CL     
Model #   96141BS1CL     
Plastic Cabinets, Butt Hinges, Fixed Shelves & Magnet
Model #   96141CR1CL     
Plastic Cabinets, Butt Hinges, Fixed Shelves & Steel Clip
Model #   9614R1CL    
Recessed Steel w/ 2 Adj. Glass Shelves, Piano Hinge & Mag. Catch
Model #   G9614R1CL   Spec Sheet
Weight: 15 lbs. Steel Cabinet    
Model #   ST9614R1CL    Spec Sheet
Model #   G9614S1CL   Spec Sheet
Model #   SM9614R1CL   Spec Sheet
Style  Woodfield Series 9914
Overall Size:  16-1/4" x 26-1/4"    
Mounting: Recessed Rough Opening:   14" x 24"
Surface Mount    
Cabinet body can be plastic or steel  
Finishes:    Classic(CL) Oak  
Weight: 15 lbs.      
Plastic Cabinet w/ 3 Adj Shelves, 2 Hinges, and Mag Catch
Model #   9914R1CL   Spec Sheet
Model #   9914S1CL   Spec Sheet
Plastic Cabinet with 3 Adj. Shelves, Piano Hinge and Mag Catch
Model #   99141AR1CL   Spec Sheet
Model #   99141AS1CL   Spec Sheet
Weight:  17 lbs.      
Recessed with 3 Adj. Plastic Shelves, Piano Hinge & Mag Catch
Model #   ST9914R1CL   Spec Sheet
Weight: 19 lbs.      
Steel Cabinet with 3 Adj. Glass Shelves, Piano Hinge & Mag. Catch
Model #   G9914R1CL   Spec Sheet
Model #   G9914S1CL   Spec Sheet
Weight: 21 lbs      
Recessed with 3 Adj. Glass Shelves with Mirror in back of cabinet
Model #   SM9914R1CL   Spec Sheet


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